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    Nootropic, "Smart Pill," and "limitless pill" are all terms that describe modafinil. Its acronyms serve as an introduction. Put simply, this oral medication is prescribed to enhance concentration and productivity. In addition, it is used to enhance cognition, memory, and focus like a laser. There are many more advantages to this medication, and you will begin to experience them as you begin to use it. People with temporary sleep problems often turn to prescribe this smart medicine. For mental clarity and to banish lethargy and exhaustion, it is also taken orally.

    A smart medicine, modafinil interacts with dopamine to produce its desired effect. Dopamine is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that the central nervous system uses to communicate with individual nerve cells. Put simply, it controls the state of being awake and alert. As a neurotransmitter, it's job is to make you feel good and spread positivity throughout your body.

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